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According to the March of Dimes, 40,000 babies are born with heart defects each year in the United States.

That's 800 kids every week.  Approximately 9,500 of those children (under age 18) experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) every year in the U.S.

ATS HeartCheck is changing how we look for Youth Heart Conditions one child at a time.  

Get Your Child Tested...Gain the Peace of Mind!



The HeartCheck is quick, painless, and the most comprehensive heart assessment available.  Our low-cost, high-quality program includes an EKG and echocardiogram performed under the guidance of pediatric cardiologists.  We put the power in your hands to protect your child from things they can’t feel and you can’t see. The HeartCheck is the best way to uncover these dangerous heart conditions before something tragic happens to your child.  

  • Heart abnormalities are the #1 birth defect
  • Most kids have no symptoms or warning signs
  • 135 lives/week are claimed by undiagnosed heart defects
  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death in student-athletes
  • Current methods, including sports physicals, are not doing a good enough job identifying at-risk youth


All of us involved feel strongly that no family should miss out on this opportunity due to financial restrictions. Therefore, discounted pricing is available upon request. Click here for a very simple form that can be filled out that will determine if you qualify for additional discounts. These special rates are made possible through grants provided by our generous partners that share the same interest in SAVING YOUNG LIVES!