Athletic Testing Solutions believes in being both PROACTIVE and REACTIVE when it comes to Heart Safety.


Whether it is your school, youth organization, or youth sports club, the ATS Heart Check provides the piece of mind to families thorough heart screening, helping identify a large majority of health concerns related to their children’s heart.  Looking for both electrical and structural defects that can potentially cause both immediate danger, such as Sudden Cardiac Arrest, as well as long term health issues caused by an abnormal heart. (Click here for additional information about the ATS Heart Check)


Athletic Testing Solutions is a firm believer in being prepared for a cardiac emergency anywhere, anytime.  This requires having the right equipment readily available, as well as being properly trained.

AED Sales (Automated External Defibrillator).   Contact us today and let ATS help insure your facility is properly prepared with the right number of AED’s, in the right locations, ready to be used when the time comes.  (Click here for further details about AED Sales)

AED Maintenance Program. Buying the right equipment, and having them in the right locations is not where your responsibility ends.  Protect yourself, and anyone that comes into your facility, by having the best AED maintenance program available.

     Our AED Maintenance Program includes:  (Click here for additional details about our AED Maintenance Program)

  • AED Unit Registration
  • Medical Direction and Oversight
  • Readiness Checks & Expiration Reminders, all by email or smartphone
  • Smartphone Application for easy compliance while on the go

AED & CPR Training.  Having the right tools is half the battle.  Fortunately, today’s technology makes using an AED quite simple for almost anyone, when an emergency happens.  But, ATS is looking to be your partner when it comes to cardiac safety.  For this reason, we also provide  CPR / AED training for both your staff and individual groups.  When an emergency happens, being mentally prepared provides you with a major advantage.  (Click here for additional details on CPR / AED training)

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