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A heart condition ended his college basketball career. It took transferring to discover it.

By David Kuluva | 1,November 27, 2017

By Roman Stubbs November 26 at 9:00 AM Jaylen Brantley, shown last season at Maryland. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post) On the September night his basketball career ended, Jaylen Brantley arrived at his mother’s home in Springfield, Mass., for a family dinner that seemed to have only one rule: There would be no discussion of the sport that…

Childhood heart disease has a profound impact and is under-recognized

By David Kuluva | 1,October 24, 2017

Childhood heart disease has a profound impact and is under-recognized Most people assume heart disease is a lifestyle illness that only affects adults. Kylie Kennedy, Author provided We are all aware of heart disease in men and women. But childhood heart disease and its often profound impact on the health and well-being of children and their families is…

Here’s why even ‘mild’ heart defects may affect kids’ school performance

By David Kuluva | 1,June 29, 2017

Children born with heart defects, even minor ones, perform worse than other kids on third-grade reading and math tests, a new study finds. “While it was not surprising to see this finding in children with severe heart defects, it was a surprise to see that children with heart defects that are often considered mild may…

The Saturated Fat Myth and Heart Disease

By David Kuluva | 1,June 7, 2017

For many decades now mainstream medical advice has been that saturated fat is bad and should be lowered at all costs to prevent heart disease. Surely then there must be strong evidence that saturated fat is a primary cause of cardiovascular problems? Actually there isn’t. Let’s look at the saturated fat myth, how it relates…

The Truth about EKG Screenings

By David Kuluva | 1,April 5, 2017

We have all heard stories about kids that are seemingly in excellent health, collapsing suddenly, only to later learn it was caused by an unknown heart condition. What many parents don’t know is that most heart defects can be identified before something happens and most are treatable…..IF they get the proper tests.   EKG’s, are…

Exercise extends life, but which exercise is best?

By David Kuluva | 1,March 1, 2017

The health benefits of exercise are known to all; it reduces the risk of heart disease and extends lifespan. New research sets out to understand, in the world of sports, which ones are best for staving off illness. All sports are healthful, but which sport is the most healthful? A raft of studies over the…

How Sleep Loss Affects Your Heart

By David Kuluva | 1,January 26, 2017

Sleeping for five hours a night alters your heart rate the next day. Getting too little sleep has been shown to have bad effects on the heart, and many studies have linked it to hypertension. Now, a small new study published in the journal Hypertension finds that shortened sleep is connected to some negative markers, especially when it…

Light puts hearts in rhythm: Medicine’s next big thing?

By David Kuluva | 1,December 30, 2016

Heart arrhythmia kills 130,000 people annually BALTIMORE, Md. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – As many as six million Americans suffer from heart arrhythmia, a condition where the heart beats irregularly, or skips a beat. It contributes to more than 130,000 deaths every year. Now, researchers in the United States and Germany are looking at a gentle option…

Want to Raise Successful Kids?

By David Kuluva | 1,December 1, 2016

Want to Raise Successful Kids? Science Says Praise Them Like This. (Most Parents Do the Opposite) Stop praising them for their innate or God-given abilities, and instead, focus on their effort. What if I were to tell you that you could increase the odds that your kids will achieve great success in life–maybe greater success…

The Challenge of Youth Heart Screenings–Should Echo be a Standard?

By David Kuluva | 1,November 1, 2016

According to the March of Dimes, 40,000 children are born with heart defects each year in the United States.  That’s nearly 800 kids every week. In about 20% of the cases, (8,000 annually), family history plays a significant role. The remaining 80% are due to other causes we may not typically consider. Heart defects come…

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