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By David Kuluva | 1,March 1, 2018

image: iStock/fstop123 by Lydia Blanco February 27, 2018 Do you know what the No. 1 killer of black women is? Here’s a hint: it’s not cancer. Every year, 50,000 black women die from heart disease, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). Yes, you read that correctly. In 2014, the leading cause of death for black…

Learn the warning signs: Congenital heart defects may go undetected

By David Kuluva | 1,February 27, 2018

by Michelle Marsh | Monday, February 26th 2018  (http://komonews.com/features/sinclair-cares/learn-the-warning-signs-congenital-heart-defects-may-go-undetected Perhaps you’ve heard about babies born with holes in their hearts. Did you know that congenital heart defects can go undetected into adulthood? Take the case of Kelly and Mike DiMaggio. Mike DiMaggio had accepted being the caregiver for his wife, Kelly, long ago. She was…

Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

By David Kuluva | 1,February 17, 2018

Heart, Lung and Circulation (2018) 27, 276–279 1443-9506/04/$36.00 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.hlc.2017.10.007 POSITION STATEMENT Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy$ Christopher Semsarian, AM, MBBS, PhD, MPH, FAHMS, FRACP, FRCPA a,b*, on behalf of the CSANZ Genetics Council Writing Group *Agnes Ginges Centre for Molecular Cardiology, Centenary Institute and University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia *Department of…

Kelly Manz’s big heart when it comes to little hearts leads her to the Super Bowl

By David Kuluva | 1,January 26, 2018

BY TOD PALMER tpalmer@kcstar.co January 25, 2018 04:06 PM Updated January 25, 2018 05:42 PM Kelly Manz’s passion for helping babies with congenital heart disease, or CHD, is taking her to the Super Bowl. Manz, a resident of Lee’s Summit, started a nonprofit called CHD Babies after her daughter, Chloe, was born with a heart defect in…