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Hoops for Heart Health Foundation Saving Lives One School at a Time

By Eric Schroeder | 1,December 19, 2012

Utah State basketball player Danny Berger was running drills at practice just like normal when he collapsed on the court. If the school, or team, had been less prepared, Berger may not have survived. But due to the quick action and thinking of assistant athletic trainer Mike Williams – who ordered 911 be called, performed…

New NFL Grant Leads to Better Sudden Cardiac Arrest Testing

By Eric Schroeder | 1,November 30, 2012

Promising $30 million to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, the National Football League is striving to further medical research to better identify and even prevent medical issues like Alzheimer’s disease, health effects of performance enhancing drugs, chronic joint disease, heart disease and heart abnormalities such as sudden cardiac arrest. Concussions and brain…

Heart Problems Not Just Reserved for the Unhealthy and Elderly

By Eric Schroeder | 1,November 30, 2012

Collapsing just short of finishing the Chevron Houston Marathon, 27 year old Alaina Dixon experienced what thousands of young athletes do every year, a sudden cardiac event.  After questioned about her ordeal, her advice to young athletes everywhere was: get tested. According to coronary artery researchers only around 4% of victims in Alaina’s type of…

Young Athletes Not the Only Ones at Risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest

By Eric Schroeder | 1,November 13, 2012

Notorious for striking young athletes, new research shows that sudden cardiac arrests occur when people aren’t exercising at all. Rather than precipitating a fatal sudden cardiac arrest, exercise is not always part of the equation. At the 2012 Canadian Cardiovascular Congress which took place in late October, a study presented reviewed 174 coroners’ reports involving…