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4 Signs for Coaches to Recognize in Sudden Cardiac Arrests in Young Athletes

By Eric Schroeder | 1,September 27, 2012

Sudden cardiac arrests are terrible tragedies that stun and sadden us all, especially when they are involved with young student-athletes. Questions of how the event happened can be overwhelming. Was it the coach’s fault? Are multiple practices per day necessary in the summer months? Is our family doctor not conducting a proper assessment? However, perhaps…

Longer CPR Increase Chances of Cardiac Arrest Survival

By Eric Schroeder | 1,September 27, 2012

Often in movies we see people continuing to perform CPR on loved ones when everyone else around them has given up hope. A new study suggests that CPR performed longer than normal can actually increase the chance of survival for cardiac arrest victims. Published in The Lancet, one of the oldest and most respected scientific…

How to Make Your Community HEARTSafe

By Eric Schroeder | 1,September 27, 2012

The distinction of HEARTSafe is an accolade given by the Department of Public Health for communities striving to protect the heart health of their citizens. A community designated HEARTSafe has effectively prepared their citizens to recognize when someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and more importantly, how to respond. CPR education and Automated External…

Janet’s Law Protects Students from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

By Eric Schroeder | 1,September 4, 2012

By nearly a unanimous decision, the New Jersey state legislature passed Janet’s Law, a law governing that schools have life-saving automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in accessible locations for sports events. Named after 11 year old Janet Zilinski who suffered a fatal sudden cardiac arrest during cheerleading practice in 2006, the law is focused around protecting…