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What Are Heart Murmurs?

By site owner | 1,March 27, 2019

Heart murmurs may signal a potentially serious health issue, but they’re often benign and require no treatment. HOW ALARMED SHOULD YOU be if your doctor says you have a heart murmur? Not very, absent additional tests that suggest a serious problem, says Dr. Mouin Abdallah, a cardiologist with the Cleveland Clinic. He’s also medical director of the…

limitations of an EKG only

Things you should know about the limitations of EKG only testing

By site owner | 1,March 15, 2019

We have all heard stories about kids that are seemingly in excellent health, collapsing suddenly, only to later learn it was caused by an unknown heart condition. What many parents don’t know is that most heart defects can be identified before something happens and most are treatable…..IF they get the proper tests. EKG’s, are a…

Obesity in kids

Better options needed for children at higher risk of premature heart disease

By site owner | 1,February 25, 2019

by American Heart Association Obesity and severe obesity in childhood and adolescence have been added to the list of conditions that put children and teens at increased risk for premature heart disease, according to a new scientific statement from the American Heart Association published in the Association’s journal Circulation. The statement provides an overview of…

Heart Screening Questions

Choosing the Right Heart Screening Program

By site owner | 1,February 21, 2019

Choosing the Right Heart Screening Program Screening youth for heart conditions is becoming more common around the country. You may have already been approached by organizations that offer a variety of heart screening options, all with very convincing statistics. There are, however, major differences that you should be aware of, and important questions you should…