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Appointments take approximately 30-minutes and are completely painless!

Appointment times 9 am to 3 pm

Cost: $129  (reg. $1,500)

*See details below about additional discounts

Your child is active and seems healthy but the fact is, heart conditions are the leading birth defect. Not knowing if your child is one of those kids with an undiagnosed heart condition can have lasting consequences.

This is your chance to get the peace of mind in knowing. Through special arrangements, the ATS clinic will be on site for one day only, providing echocardiograms (heart ultrasound) and EKGs for kids ages 8 to 25.  The testing is designed to identify congenital and genetic heart conditions that often go undetected or are misdiagnosed.

These tests are NOT done during a standard sports physical.  This is NOT the same as mass EKG testing that is sometimes offered.  The ATS HeartCheck has been widely accepted by pediatricians and pediatric cardiology programs around the country and is considered the Gold Standard in preventative heart testing for youth.

What is...

  • taking the lives of 135 kids every week?
  • the leading cause of death in student-athletes?
  • a silent killer that often has no warning signs or symptoms?
  • condition sports physicals and checkups often miss?
  • the #1 birth defect?

Answer: Undiagnosed Heart Conditions

  • Includes an EKG and echocardiogram (heart ultrasound)
  • For Ages 8 to 25 
  • No pain for the child - it's like taking a nap
  • Remote onsite service
  • Reviewed by a pediatric cardiologist
  • Appointments take approx. 30 minutes
  • HSA & FSA accounts accepted
If you register your child that is between 8 and 12 years old, some heart conditions we screen for may not have developed at that early an age.

The ATS HeartCheck 

Not only save lives but saves your family THOUSANDS of dollars, time, and eliminates the hassle of:

  • multiple medical appointments or visits
  • long waits in waiting rooms
  • paying doctor, scan, & specialty fees
  • anxiety experienced by both you and your child

Discounted Pricing

Discounted pricing is available for those that qualify.  Use the link below and complete a very simple form to determine if you qualify.

Discounts are made possible through grants provided by our generous partners that share the same interest as ATS...SAVING YOUNG LIVES!

Real Stories

Thousands of kids have received life-saving heart assessments by ATS.  The majority of kids are found to be perfectly healthy, providing valuable peace of mind.

However, we do find heart abnormalities in a consistent number of kids we test, allowing for proper intervention!  Read more about the lives we've changed to better understand the importance of a thorough heart assessment by ATS.

Other Dates & Locations

ATS and our partners don't want any child to miss out on this important opportunity.

You are welcome to register your child for any date and location that works best for you.

If no available dates work for you, we encourage you to put your name on our waitlist and we'll contact you when we have appointments in your area.

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