Heart Health Assessment

This risk assessment is designed for people 12 to 25 years old without known heart conditions. It is composed of questions that are considered to be risk factors that can assist in the identification of individuals for the potential of congenital and genetic heart conditions in youth.  The questions were formulated by the American Heart Association (AHA) and American College of Cardiology (ACC) based on data from a sudden cardiac arrest registry. This questionnaire will not adequately reflect the long-term or lifetime risk of death but is designed to provide a better understanding of factors that may be impacting your child's health.

ATS HeartCheck
What is...
  • taking the lives of 135 kids every week?
  • the leading cause of death in student-athletes?
  • a silent killer that often has no warning signs or symptoms?
  • condition sports physicals and checkups often miss?
  • the #1 birth defect?
Undiagnosed Heart Conditions

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