Amelia Brown 2017.0058
I brought my 3 children to your ATS HeartCheck on January 9, 2018. The tests detected an ASD in my 10 year-old daughter's heart.  This Monday, April 16th Children’s Mercy Hospital performed a surgical procedure to implant a device to repair the hole in her heart.  My daughter is doing great and returned to school today with a centimeter sized incision in her upper thigh and a story to tell.  As I’ve told our family and friends who are now scheduling their children for the screening, for 30 minutes and the cost of a pair of good running shoes, the testing is well worth it.
Thank you,

“Brandon ended up having two extra electrical pathways on the left side of his heart, along with one on the right that needed to be removed.  The cardiologists had to speed up his heart during the surgery to map out the abnormal electrical pathways you found when we had him screened at school by ATS.  He’s recovered really well.  The cardiologists said these tests probably saved his life because he wouldn't have made it through ROTC Military Physical Competitions scheduled next year having Wolff-Parkinson-White.  The money we spent on the tests from ATS is the best money we've ever spent and ever will spend! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We feel so lucky and blessed the school district had ATS to do the screening!

Stacey D.

“I wanted to send a note about my daughter Grace. She had open heart surgery to fix a half dollar size hole in her heart at Children's Mercy. Every surgeon and cardiologist we talked to said she would have needed a transplant in 4 to 5 years because of the damage being done to her heart by the hole. Your test saved her life and we are forever grateful. We will be advocates of this testing continuing. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.”


Grace Lovett (2)

“ We did this heart check last fall for our 16 year old cross country runner. She had a small hole in her heart as a baby and we had been assured it was closed over the years. No murmur was ever detected. We decided to do the ATS Heart Check for peace of mind. It was the best test we could have spent money on. Not only did they detect an abnormality, but also learned the hole in her heart (an ASD), is not small, nor could it be closed in the cath lab. She will be having open heart surgery in July. If this had gone undetected, she could have suffered heart stress during her future pregnancies and had severe heart problems in her fifties or later. Thank you for offering this screening. We will be forever grateful!

Tracy S.

It’s been an overwhelming 7 days. We told our son last night. He was overwhelmed.. .tears... thinking... talking... listening... more tears. He asked us if this could have killed him.  What a question to be asked by your 15 year old son?!?!  Our doctor appointment went well this morning. He is conservative which we love.  The doctor did a great job of explaining what Wolff-Parkinson White (WPW) is, what it means and how to fix it! Our son listened intently, asked questions and held his own.  Today my husband took him to SME weight room to talk to the Coach ….  Coach took the time to talk to him, help him understand he was going to be fine, shared a couple successful stories and then challenged him to work hard and start on varsity football team next year.  I can say that he will take that challenge. That chat and the preparation my husband and I went through to get ready for today was a successful journey.  You are/were instrumental in the success of today.  We will be forever grateful for your testing and finding WPW….and the ability to fix it before something tragic happened.  Thanks for your support.  I am coming out of a haze and I am grateful to see the light of a brighter day.  I will want to thank the SME school district, ATS and the Jordan Mann Foundation when this is over if you could direct me to the people who make this possible, I want to be an advocate.

Thanks for helping me through this terrifying experience.



“Earlier this year we took our son to a screening locally.  Although the whole   process did not take a long time, ATS was  thorough in the EKG and sonogram tests.  We feel comfortable that if there were any issues, they would have been  detected.  We feel it was money well spent.”

Relieved Parent